Primeval Labs ENGORGE -Muscle Pump Activator, Cherry-Limeade

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Lets be blunt; No Pump = Shitty Gains

Make sure you achieve THE PUMP with Engorge by Primeval Labs!

Engorge features a clear and transparent formula with ingredients that help you to increase your Endurance, Strength, Power, Recovery, and of course... Get Papa-Pumps!

Key Benefits:

-Helps Increase Strength & Power*
-Helps Increase Endurance*
-Helps Increase Muscle Pumps*
-Helps Improve Cognitive Function*
-Helps Improve Cell Growth*
-Helps Improve Recovery*
-Stimulant Free Formula*

Key Ingredients:

Citrulline Malate: A non-essential amino acid that helps to increase muscular energy improve both anaerobic and aerobic activity, strength, power, increase nitric oxide production (muscle pumps) as well as help to reduce fatigue and soreness post training.

L-Taurine: An amino acid that helps to improve muscle recovery and improve performance.

Glycerol Monostearate: Glycerol helps to super-hydrate your muscles which helps to improve muscle endurance and muscular pumps, and works hand in hand with creatine

Agmatine Sulfate: A byproduct of Arginine, Agmatine is produced through a process called decarboxylation. This compound has gained much exposure in the supplement industry due to its ability to release growth hormone and its production of Nitric Oxide (muscle pumps).

Beta Vulgaris: Also known as Beet Extract this ingredient helps enhance exercise performance, power output, and helps to reduce fatigue.

Norvaline: A nitric oxide booster that helps prevent the breakdown of Arginine.


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