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Olympus Labs Sup3r-Epi

Increases In Lean Mass & Muscle Hardness!

Thinking how you would love to have the physique of some of these fitness guys? Do you want to get a body that is so lean and chiseled that your muscle just pops because you are so defined?

Make that that dream a reality with the help of Sup3r-Epi by Olympus UK. Sup3r-Epi contains one of the few ingredients on the market that can actually help you accelerate this process, Epiandrosterone.

Epiandrosterone increases muscle hardness, definition, strength, lean mass, vascularity, libido, and even fat loss. You are one cycle away from making what was once a dream into something that could be your reality!

Start building your physique into greatness now with Sup3r-Epi! Get it now!

Key Benefits of Sup3r-Epi:

- Supports Increases in Lean Mass!
- Helps Increase Muscle Hardness!
- Helps Increase Strength!
- Supports Increases in Fat Loss!
- Helps Improve Muscle Definition!
- Helps Reduce Water Retention!
- Aids in Increasing Vascularity!
- Boosts Sex Drive!
- Improves Intensity During Workouts!
- Helps Increase Muscle Pumps!
- Increases Protein Synthesis!
- Perfect Base Supplement!
- Non Liver Toxic!
- Promotes Improved Sense of Well Being!

The Formula:

Epiandrosterone: This ingredient is a derivative of DHEA, and can be found naturally occurring in pine pollen. Epiandrosterone is a precursor to Stanolone, also known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Low levels of DHT causes a decreased sex drive and compromises the muscle building process. Proper and high levels of DHT promote an improved sex life, better overall mood, improvements in strength, muscle mass, and decreases in body fat and water retention.

S-SEDDS: Short for solid-self-emulsifying drug delivery systems, this delivery system is a highly effective delivery system utilized by the pharmaceutical industry. S-SEDDS help to improve the oral bioavailability of compounds (in this case Andros) by avoiding the liver which is where these compounds are significantly broken down leaving very little to be absorbed. This is done by facilitating the absorption via the intestinal lymphatic system for absorption in the intestine. This results in enhanced solubility and bioavailability, and when coupled with “solidification” the compounds also yield a higher stability and reproducibility. Overall this delivery system stands to be one of the most effective delivery systems today.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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