MPA VasoSeven, 7.2oz (Topical 7-KETO Supplement)

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MPA is very excited to present to you the final product to complete the​ ​VASO​series “trifecta” --­­ ​VasoSeven​! ​

This is an absolutely perfect adjunct to everyone’s ​PostContest transition period, and ​off ­season bulking phase​. ​VasoSeven​ will aid in prevention of body fat gain, while priming the bodies metabolic rate for staying ultra lean coming out of a severe dieting phase.

* Note: VasoSeven can be used anytime, whether dieting or in a gaining phase , but lean gaining phases are where it can shine to minimize fat gain *

“ The perfect product for transitioning into a lean offseason or bulking phase ”

So you’ve been on an ultra-strict precontest diet for the last 4 months and you have been painfully lean for the last month before your contest or photoshoot. You’ve been having dreams of devouring thousands of calories worth of body fat promoting, tasty treats that have been forbidden from your current plan.

First off -- pull your head out of the clouds, and splash some water on your face -- snap out of it!

You want to make the absolute most out of your offseason or “improvement season,” and maximize muscle growth while minimizing worthless fat gain. Your body is primed for nutrient storage after a treacherous low-calorie dieting phase. While muscle cells are prime candidates for amino acid, glucose and micronutrient storage, your adipose tissue is even more starved for nutrient replenishment. If you overeat on the wrong foods…. say goodbye to your thin-skinned caliper measurements and awesome surface veins, and hello to annoying lower back fat, and unsightly abdominal squishiness. (For females gluteal fat storage and inner thighs and hamstrings).

Putting your body through the extremes of rigorous dieting practices can put immense stress on your hormonal systems. Prolonged carbohydrate restriction, which inevitably happens to achieve abnormal levels of leanness, can suppress thyroid function and ultimately hinder your metabolism.

The stress hormone cortisol is also magnified during the final stages of an extreme diet due to central nervous system (CNS) overstimulation from:

● Excessive cardio
● Resistance training
● Caffeine usage
● Yohimbine HCL usage
● Ephedrine usage


Target Application Areas:


MPA also notes that high level competitors or gym rats that partake in the usage of performance enhancing agents will oftentimes discontinue usage or lower dosages after ending a contest preparation. This leads to a troublesome cortisol rebound effect from exogenous hormones no longer occupying the glucocorticoid receptors. This phenomenon, compounded with the severe dieting endured from the months prior, is a recipe for poor body composition aftermath.


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