Iconogenin ULTIMATE Laxogenin Supplement, 7.9 fl oz.

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Not your Average Laxogenin Supplement!

Iconogenin utilizes non-hormonal anabolic agent Laxogenin in drug purity & potency via transdermal delivery technology to unlock the TRUE Bodybuilding Power of the Highly-Anabolic compound, Laxogenin.  If you didn't already know, Laxogenin is University Study proven to increase Protein-Synthesis (aka Muscle Building).  Some studies have reported this effect hovering around the 200% level!  But it gets even Better... this is being achieved with ZERO hormonal influence!

Could you use Double the Gains with the same effort your putting in right now?  And, do it 100% Naturally?  Ummm YES PLEASE!  Metabolize the Protein in your Body Faster & More Effectively to Produce RESULTS.

Iconogenin's effects continue; it has the ability to help balance cortisol levels.  Cortisol as you know is the stress hormone that Increases BodyFat Storage signaling in the body as well as the breakdown of Muscle.  Basically, Cortisol is no good to Bodybuilders.  Iconogenin helps put it in CHECK.

Iconogenin produces multiple other Anabolic Effects in the User as described in Detail Below.

With 100grams of the Highest Purity & Potency Laxogenin Delivered Directly into the Body via Transdermal Delivery, one can expect Drastic Improvements in Ones Physique when Iconogenin is Added to ones Bodybuilding Protocol 

No PCT is Required with Iconogenin.  This is a 100% Natural Anabolic with ZERO hormonal influence.  As such, it makes an Incredible Stacker with other Anabolic Compounds Enhancing their Effects.




Effects of Iconogenin in the User:

-Increases the Bodys Ability to Synthesis Protein (Drug like Effects, NATURALLY!)

-Increased Lean Muscle Mass in the User

-Promotes an Increase of Strength & Power

-Aids in Increasing Nitrogen Retention

-Reduced Recovery Time Between Training Sessions

-Non-Toxic in Every Way, Shape, Form (100% Naturally Occurring Compound)

-Reduces Inflammation in the Body

-Reduces Muscle Fatigue & Improves Endurance

-Mops Up and Eliminates Cortisol in the Body

-Promotes Relaxation/Anti-Anxiety Effects

-Supports Joint Health

-Can Be Used By Men or Woman

-No PCT Required



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.