Centurion Labz - Whey Protein Powder - Whipped Vanilla

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Whey protein Concentrate/Isolate

(Whipped Vanilla)


Key Benefits:

-Increase Muscle Synthesis

-Faster Muscle Recovery

-Excellent Source of Amino Acids

-Delicious Flavor


Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. It is a byproduct of the manufacture of cheese or casein and has several commercial uses. Sweet whey is a byproduct produced during the manufacture of rennet types of hard cheese, like Cheddar or Swiss cheese. It is commonly used by body builders as whey is nearly pure protein and is the most readily digestible by humans.


Whey protein is popular with active adults because it digests rapidly and is a rich source of amino acids for muscle recovery. Whey protein isolates are the purest form of whey and the primary ingredient in Centurion Labs Whey. Each serving provides 23 grams of rapidly digesting whey protein with low levels of fat, cholesterol, lactose and other compunds you do not want. There's no doubt this is the standard all other proteins are measured against.



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