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Centurion Labz UPRISING is here to get you the Muscle & Strength Gain you seek!  This Mega-Dosed Natural Testosterone Enhancer includes in total a full FIVE GRAMS of the most potent and effective Natural Test Boosting compounds known to man. 

Our Goal with UPRISING is Maximum Testosterone output to make your Stronger and MAXIMIZE LEAN MASS GAINS as fast as possible.



Uprising is so much more than your typical “kitchen sink” testosterone booster with the Best Gains any Natural Testosterone Boosting Product could Possibly Deliver!!@! 

Uprising is comprised of the highest class of potential aphrodisiacs, natural testosterone boosters, ingredients that mitigate estrogen and DHT, as well as the most sophisticated capsule delivery system available. Here is just a small sample of that these ingredients can do:

Bulbine Natalensis – an herb that has been used as an aphrodisiac but also treats a variety of ailments. It increases natural testosterone and reduces estrogen. Three separate rat studies looking at serum testosterone levels note significant increases in circulating testosterone, and one study noted a decrease in estrogen levels as well.

D-aspartic Acid – D-AA works in the central brain region to cause a release of hormones, such as luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, and growth hormone. It may also build up in the testicles, where it alleviates a rate-limiting step of testosterone synthesis, which leads to a testosterone increase.

Fenugreek – An actual human study has shown that fenugreek supplementation can enhance testosterone. Fenugreek’s most well-known compound is 4-hydroxyisoleucine, which works to normalize glucose metabolism. The other compounds, called trigonelline, galactomannan, and trigoneosides, also work together to provide benefits for blood sugar.

Maca Root – A “super food”. It’s benefits include increased fertility in both men and women, hormone balance, booster for the immune system, and increased energy, stamina, improved sexual function, memory and focus! Again, this ingredient has a ton of research and multiple benefits that you’ll have to look up to discover all of its potential.

Eurycoma longifolia – The aphrodisiac effects of Eurycoma are quite reliable and appear to span a large variety of animal models, limited evidence in female rats but it appears to affect these to a similar extend as in males. In addition to the aphrodisiac effects, Eurycoma can also increase sperm production and may directly act as a proerectile agent. At least one molecule in Eurycoma (9-hydroxycanthin-6-one) is associated with both a delay in ejaculation as well as pro-erectile properties (via DR Caps™ this molecule has dramatically increased bioavailability). Hormonally, Eurycoma appears to have remarkable anti-estrogenic effects in vitro and has a potency similar to Tamoxifen when the active ingredient is injected (with DR Caps™ absorption is exponentially greater).

Fadogia Argrestis – In the rodent studies that have been conducted, this herb appears to boost testosterone and act as a libido enhancer. It has been noted that while mounting/intromission frequency is increased and latency decreased (common for aphrodisiacs) ejaculation latency, or the time required to ejaculate following intromission, appears to be prolonged; this is not common for aphrodisiacs.

Tribulus Alatus – Tribulus has been around for centuries as a natural alternative to steroids and it helps to support healthy hormone production as well as male reproductive health. Nutra-Cell went a step further because they didn’t use the cheap version called Tribulus Terrestris. Alatus is more effective because it contains 6 unique steroidal saponins. Alatus has steroidal glycosides such as spirostane, furostane, and cholestane. But again, its a natural alternative to steroids.

Laxogenin- Derived from plants, this ingredient is essentially an anabolic building block which your body uses as a blueprint to create its own anabolics. Laxogenin supports increased protein systhesis and nitrogen retention, while promoting other anabolic effects such as increased strenth, muscle endurance, muscle recovery, and lean muscle mass.

Forskolin – Derived from Coleus forskohlii, supplementation of Forskolin may increase testosterone, and protect against cancer and inflammation. Forskolin increases cellular levels of a molecule called cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). Elevated cAMP levels are associated with increased rates of fat loss, and can improve the effects of other fat burning compounds.

ANDRO – Andro is a naturally occurring hormone and either exerts benefits on its own, or can convert into both testosterone or estrogen depending on the body’s need. Just to name a few things it can do: decreases inflammation, helps improve bone density and muscle mass, protects against depression and cognitive decline, aids in weight loss, improves heart health, and can improve libido. This ingredient is a must.

Acacetin – Used primarily after cycling with prohormones and anabolic steroids and has the ability of realigning the ideal balance of hormones in the body.


Effects of UPRISING in the User:

-The Most Effect NATURAL Testosterone Booster on the Market!
-Decreases Estrogen Levels
-Increases Libido, Stamina & Energy
-Scientifically Supported Extracts
-Increase Lean Muscle Mass
-Increased Strength
-Accelerates Fat Loss
-Helps Increase Protein Synthesis
-Promotes Increased Muscle Endurance
-Helps Increase Muscle Recovery
-Supports Increased Nitrogen Retention
-Increases Luteinizing Hormone Levels
-Improves Metabolic Function
-Helps Control Cortisol
-Drives More Nutrients To Your Muscles
-Improves Muscle Growth



Gain muscle like you have been given the gift of great genetics like the Pro's!



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