Centurion Labz - RAGE - Premium Pre-workout

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Take your workouts to the next level! GOD OF RAGE XXX is the newest formulation from Centurion Labz, who built their reputation on hard hitting, extreme pre-workout supplements like God of Rage, God of War and God of Rage RELOADED! God of Rage XXX is designed for the consumer seeking the epitome of a high intensity stimulant while still achieving massive pumps and vascularity. 

Rage XXX  is the latest version of one of our flagship pre-training supplements. RAGE utilize the vaso dilating effects of betaine anhdrous and combined them with the brochial dilating effect of theophylline anhydrous. The combination will optimize blood flow and breathing during physical activity. Backing up this combo we’ve added 35 mg of caffeine, yohimbe hydrochloride and rauwolfia vomitoria for an extra strength and energy increase.

30 Servings Per Container


- Strawberry Kiwi

Tropical Colada

Active Ingredients

-Vitamin B6

-Vitamin B3

-Beta Alanine

-Betaine Anhydrous


Key Benefits/Uses

- Boost Energy

- Increased Stamina

- Increased Focus

- Increased Airflow/Oxygen intake.

- Vasodilation/increased Blood flow

- Increased Vascularity 


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