Centurion Labz LAXOVAR (Most Effective, Highest Dosed Laxo Supplement on the Market!)

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Prepare Yourself for a Massive Surge in Your Testosterone levels naturally and safely with Centurion Labz LaxoVar!  The Highest Purity, Highest Potency, AND Highest Dosed Laxo Supplement available to the Bodybuilding World Today!

It consists of Laxogenin, Tribulus and Agmatin.  With Laxovar, you will experience the FULL Benefits and Anabolic Activity Enhancement that the LAXO compound has to offer.  Centurions LAXOVAR is what every other Laxo supplement on the market Dreams it could be!


Product Highlights

5a-hydroxy Laxogenin (Laxogenin) - is a natural substance, a steroid of plant origin. It does not convert to hormones and does not affect the hormonal level. But despite this, Laxogenin has an extremely powerful anabolic effect, increasing protein synthesis, and also reduces its breakdown, blocking the effects of cortisol.  It is very important to note that NOT all Laxo supplements are created equal.  With Centurion, you are getting the best there is.  Period.

Simply put, Laxogenine, specifically the extremely high quality Laxogenine in Centurions product, will enhance and accelerate your bodybuilding results.  That is a Bold, yet TRUE statement.

Agmatine Sulfate will increase the synthesis of Nitric Oxide, enhancing your pumps to compliment the Laxo and accelerate your recovery.  This substance also enhances the production of Luteinizing hormone, which, in turn, increases its own testosterone levels.

Tribulus Alatus is a MORE EFFECTIVE form of the famous Natty Test-Booster, Tribulus Terrestris.  Key phrase?  "MORE Effective".  We are after RESULTS here and Centurion DELIVERS.


Mode of application:

Take 2 capsules / tablets per day, for example, in the morning and in the evening after meals for 4-8 weeks.

Although the Product is 100% Natural and Safe, a break of 2-4 weeks is recommended before starting another Cycle.