Centurion Labz GOD OF WAR Preworkout (Carnage-Cola)

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God Of War Carnage-Cola is our newest pre-training supplement and is the stronger version of God of War Black. Consisting of multiple powerhouse ingredients plus additional stimulants, God of War Red provides maximum pump, focus, and endurance during any type of training. Featuring the same or similar clinically studied doses of our main ingredients, a harder-hitting stimulant blend, and essential vitamins and minerals for maximum absorption, God of War Red is  for those who seek to blow the roof off the gym.  For those who seek the ability to simply punish weights and hit it out of the park in their training sessions!  


GOD OF WAR KEY Benefits;

-Explosive Energy
-Increases Your Strength During Workouts
-Burns Body Fat & Helps you get Shredded!
-Decrease Your Muscle Fatigue
-Crazy Pumps and Vascularity 
-Supports Enhanced Endurance
-Increase Your Mind-Muscle Conection/Control
-Promotes Laser Focus
-Helps Improve Your Mental Cognition
-Advanced Thermo-Energy Formula
-Accelerates Recovery & Nourishes Your Muscles
-Improves Your Overall Mood, Makes you feel Amazing all Day Long


The second edition is even better than the first. God of War: Prepare for War... again!


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