ASL Hydrolyx: Muscle Pump/Hydrator, Extreme endurance

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Sick and tired of missing out on an amazing workout due to lack of endurance?
Not able to get that 10th set in due to fatigue? Hydrolyx by ASL is your answer.
It's pro-pump and muscle hydrating formula lets you turn a good work out into an amazing one.


Hydrolyx Key Benefits:

-Drastically increase muscle pump

-Increase muscle endurance

-Speed up Recovery time

-Increase strength

With adequate hydration, Hydrolyx is absorbed by various tissues most notably muscle. This allow the compound to enhance water intake and retention of the muscle. At work, this dramatically increases you pump and endurance by providing your muscles with enough water to efficiently process ATP. The muscles will be largely more efficient providing both and increase in strength and endurance. At rest, the increase flow to the muscle will Greatly increase you muscle recovery by allowing further blood and water. This process of intense water absorption is called "Hyperhydration". This state is proven to be extremely potent in helping muscles develop, function, and stay healthy.

Hydrolyx is critical for getting the most out of all the hard work you do in the gym. Take as a pre-workout or as a helpful recovery option. You can't go wrong with Hydrolyx by ASL.

Active ingredient:

-Glycerpump* 1500mg

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.