Anabolic Science Labs (ASL) Yellow Demons -

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                        Yellow Demons

-Fat Eradicator

-Mood Lifter

-Energy Booster


ASL yellow demons have had a ground-breaking impact on the fat burner market. After yellow demons dominated the market upon first release they have stayed there to this day. ASL yellow demons have stood the test of time for a reason. THEY WORK!. Do yourself, your workouts, and your waistline a favor and add Yellow Demons to your regimen as soon as you can. 


ASL has eradicated competition through their elite line of products that have raised the bar of top supplements to untouchable heights. Their latest spawn of energy ingenuity has been unleashed on the market, summoning the extinction of conventional energy supplementation as we know it: Yellow Demons a volatile compost of fat wasting, mood boosting, and energy accelerating compounds.

Yellow Demons invoke a fusion of formidable forces that seize your metabolic performance, pushing your peak to menacing levels. This thermogenic infantry unties that baddest of energy-spiking bad boys, caffeine, piper nigrum, evodiamine, rauwolscine, and peppermint; a posse of pure energetic potency to put the smack down on sluggish combustion of calories and turn your cells into an energy generating sweatshop.

Yellow Demons neuro-regiment overthrows your neurotransmitter control center, holding irritability and hunger pangs hostage. Appetite annihilation and mood elevation is excuted with precision via CNS stimulant properties of Black Tea and PEA HCl to discharge adrenaline and dopamine into the bloodstream for finely sharpened focus and euphoric energy.

Black Tea, Raspberry Ketones, and Green Coffee Bean Extract constitute the uncontested core-hardening complex in Yellow Demons fat blasting blend. This ominous combination of lipid execution makes a wasteland of fat stores; looting cells of body-softening contents for rapid fat oxidation and fueling prolonged energy potential.

 KEY benefits

-Prolonged Euphoric Energy
-Enhanced Focus
-Amplified Fat Burning
-Rapid Weight Loss
-Increased Caloric Combustion

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