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Alpha Gainz 


Alpha Andro TD

With Alpha Andro TD you can now get those boosts directly to your trouble areas.
Alpha Andros Salvo delivery system is ideal for anyone trying to get those amazing shoulders, chest, or biceps that stand out.

Many muscle building compounds are not bioavailable. As such, various absorption complexes are used to ensure as much of the prohormone as possible gets released into the bloodstream. Alpha Andro TD utilizes Iron Legion's transdermal delivery system "Salvo" to maximize absorption and effectiveness of the compound.

What to expect

-Increased Strength

-Increased Energy

-Promotes muscle growth

-Increased muscle definition

-Increased muscle hardness

Active Ingredient


Androsterone is a powerful legal prohormone which can be found in pine pollen and is naturally occurring within our own body. Structurally, it is very similar to Epiandrosterone, but the main difference is that Androsterone is a 3-Alpha isomer whereas Epiandrosterone is a 3-Beta isomer. Androsterone converts to Stanolone, but it cannot convert to estrogen, meaning that it has anti-estrogenic effects


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